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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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Period 2 Math-ish Crossword

A line segment from the center of a circle to the edge of the circle.
The angle in the middle of a circle is referred to as the _____________ angle.
The name of your teacher's TA.
The name of someone in your teacher's family.
The type of tangent line that crosses through the line connected by the center of two circles.
The name of the arc that measures exactly to 180 degrees.
The type of measurement for an angle.
A type of quadrilateral.
For a chord to be bisected by the diameter, the diameter must be __________________ to the chord.
A type of line that cuts an arc or line exactly in half.
The name of any type of shape.
What your teacher would choose if asked if she was a cat or dog person.
An arc that is less than 180 degrees.
A line segment through a circle with two end points on the circle.
The type of tangent line that does not cross the line connecting the centers of two circles.
A Holiday
When categorized alphabetically by last name, it is the first name of the student who would be last.
A type of line that goes through a circle
A line that touches a circle at exactly one point.
The name that two students in this class share
The type of goals that you have created this year.
Another name for same length.
The specific shape we have been working with for this chapter.
A television show called The _____________.
What these have in common: rhombus, rectangle, trapezoid and square
The name of the calculus teacher at Jefferson High School.
The name of the best high school in our district.
The line segment that has two end points on the circle and crosses through the center of a circle.
Two chords are congruent when they are ___________________ to the center.
Queen B
An arc that is greater than 180 degrees.
Your teachers last name.
The type of game your teacher will be playing in on Wednesday.
The part of a circle that corresponds with an angle at the center of the circle