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Algebra II -- Vocabulary Review

Teacher: Slight
A function that represents a pattern of repeated y-values at regular intervals
A value substantially different value from the rest of the data in a set
Rewriting an expression as a product of its factors
A solution where a graph crosses the x-axis is called a _______.
Indicates the strength of a relationship between two data sets
A monomial or sum of monomials
Two angels in standard position that have the same initial and terminal side, but different given measures
The point where the function reaches a maximum or minimum value is called the _______.
a data set with two modes
The measure in statistics that shows how much the data values vary from the mean is the _______ ______
The difference between the third and the first quartiles
Graph of a quadratic function
Half the distance between the maximum and minimum values of a periodic function
A rectangular array of numbers written within brackets, used to solve systems of equations
A formula that expresses the n-th term of a sequence in terms of n
A systematic error introduced by the sampling method
A solution that makes an equation not true or undefined
A circle that has a radius of 1 and its center is the origin of the coordinate plane
An ordered list of numbers with a given pattern
The numerical factor in a term is called a ______
A number in the form of a+bi
The sum of all the terms of a sequence
A statement where two algebraic expressions are equal
The value under the square root of the quadratic formula is called the __________.
A relation in which each element of the domain corresponds with exactly one element in the range.
A sequence with a common difference between consecutive terms
In a relation, it is the set of all inputs, x-coordinates or the ordered pair
The quotient of two polynomials
A line that a graph approaches as x or y increase, created by a restricted value of the domain.
The horizontal length of one cycle of a periodic function