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Do It For Science

Sacred Egyptian beetle
The fur, hair, or wool of a mammal
Of the thing just mentioned
Otorhinolaryngologist male?
A bug or a TV has one
Cartoon explosive
If 7 across was a non police detective, abbr.
Nintendo two screen handheld, abbr.
Nitrous oxide for racing
First man?
Animal nostrils
Famous fire fiddler
Lively or noisy, to celebrate
Birth month for 62 Across
Drive up bedroom
Related to certain primates, sounds like Nintendo avatar
Brewed by solar power
Peter, Parker, Bugs e.g.
Expelliarmus result
International Criminal Police Organization
Japanese city
Birth month for 7 Across
United States Military Technology Developer
Robin Hood does this from the rich
An outbreak of public anger
A type of antelope
Prefix for pen, dermis, or tome
____ for cookie (2 word)
User Experience Research, abbr.
Medical dwarf
People of Genghis Khan
Aspirins, Ibuprofens, are examples
"In a perfect world"
A unit of measurement, and a deodorant
Riding horses
"Hey, Big ____"
A Latin American penny
Ctrl ___ Del
Stairs for wheelchairs
Once more
Famous Button
Bennie and the ____
A mining mineral
Bennett but with an S instead of B
The one who recieves an honor
Former Chief Justice
Thr r fv fngrs n yr ____
Waterproof sheet, for short
A "Manufacturing Execution System", Abbr.
Mountain in Washington
Absence, prefix
Mr. October?
Be absorbed in thought
A British mother
6 won games in tennis
Inside the regular playing area
Crustacens, like woodlice
A stalkeyed crustacean
Russian Assault Rifles, slang
Peter Pedigrew final form
Opposite of agrees
A layperson
Hard to please
To occupy a container
Start over
A synonym for anger, and almost an anagram
Elongated fish