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Latin America

An example of this is Fidel Castro. Latin America has had many corrupt...... throughout time.
The people who originally inhabited the "New World."
Philosophy formulated in Europe. It could be used to support both authoritarian government and material progress such as industrialization.
The idea of man over God, thinking over faith
The innovation with the most impact during industrialization. One of the first modes of transportation, the first one was in Cuba in 1838.
Descendants of European elites in the "New World."
Type of government where no one questions the King's right to rule.
Friendly term Latin Americans use for race.
Many of these forcible overthrows of a government or social order happened throughout Latin American history.
Was the dictator of Cuba during the Cold War (1959-2006)
Political tool used to appeal to people like the Indigenous who feel they need more rights and are being over powered by an elite group. This political movement characterized much of Latin America from 1930-1965
Began in 1912 by the crash of the stock market. Latin America endured much economic trouble and this ended in 1940.
This happens multiple times throughout Latin American history. It even happened before the Spanish came to take over the new world.
Proclamation meaning the US was destined to to absorb its neighbors. Destiny of the white races to have Texas to the Pacific.
Document written in 1823 by the US President, it imposed any European involvement in the new world.
Allows for free trade, monopolies, privatization, and the role of the government is the deregulation of trade.
When the Spanish crown gave the right to the Spanish in the New World to to use the Indigenous for labor.
Government system where the President controls country and every smaller territory also has their own representative.
Descendant of a Spanish and Indigenous person.
Latin America is very heavy in natural....... but is still considered poor