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A person, company, or country that makes, grows, or supplies goods or commodities for sale
A person who purchases goods and services for personal use
the using up of a resource
a physical item that is produced and can be weighed or measured
The tools, equipment, and buildings that are used to produce goods and services
That skill, knowledge, experience, and/or time that a person has inside himself or herself that can be used to help reach a goal.
Consumer willingness and ability to buy products
a pledge that something will happen or that something is true
A person who starts up and takes on the risk of a business
The amount of goods available
the amount or equivalent paid or charged for something
The process of creating goods and services
Materials or substances such as minerals, forests, water, and fertile land that occur in nature and can be used for economic gain
between two structures
a set of circumstances that makes it possible to do something
something that induces a person to act
the condition that occurs because people's wants and needs are unlimited, while the resources needed to produce goods and services to meet these wants and needs are limited