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Atmosphere and Weather

The condition of the atmosphere at a particular time.
The most abundant element in the Atmosphere.
Measures Atmospheric pressure.
Lumps of ice that fall from the sky.
A cloud on the ground.
One of the ways Nitrogen gets from the Atmosphere into the soil.
The warming of the Earth because the Infrared energy does not escape back into space.
Bottom layer of the Atmosphere.
Any moisture that falls from the air to the Earth.
Most common form of solid precipitation.
Energy given off from land as it warms up from the Sun.
Area where the water vapor in the air has started to condense back into a liquid.
High speed winds that blow in the upper levels of the troposphere.
The reason way the Sun does not warm the Earth evenly.
Hot air rises because of this.
The second most abundant element in the Atmosphere.
Weather conditions for an area over a long period of time.
The amount of water in the air.
The tendency for moving objects to move in a curved path as they rise or fall.
Liquid water changes to a gas.
The temperature a which water vapor turns back into a liquid.
Caused by differences in air pressure systems.
Part of the Atmosphere that protects us from ultraviolet rays.