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Art Review

BELL______                        _____/20 points 
Use word bank- If there is a dash, leave a blank
Scratch and attach so your clay stays together
Known for painting the Mona Lisa
Street Artist whose real identity is unknown
Art work that can be used, like a clay mug
The "glue" of clay, use this when you score
Filler yarn on a weaving
To study or look at carefully
To knead the clay to get air bubbles out
Stage of clay when clay is workable
Art that has no recognizable imagery
Art that looks very real
The artist whose work is usually black and white and "impossible"
Flat rolled out clay pieces to build with
baking clay at a high temperature
ART that creates an optical illusion
moist earth made of decomposed rock
Snake like clay pieces you can hand build with
The oven the clay work is fired / "baked" in
The threads on a weaving loom, you go over and under
The structure you weave on