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Weather Patterns

Violent disturbance in the atmosphere called severe weather.
Cold air moves under warm air forcing warm air up.
Violent winter storm characterized by freezing temperatures, strong winds and blowing snow.
Forms when a cold mass meets a warm mass but neither have enough force to move the other.
Large body of circulating air with high pressure at its center and lower pressure outside the system; brings sunshine and good weather.
Large bodies of air that have uniform temperature, humidity and pressure.
Move slowly and bring warm, humid air.
Small storm accompanied by thunder and lightening formed from large cumulonimbus clouds.
Rapidly, whirling, funnel-shaped cloud that reaches down from a storm cloud and touches the Earth's surface formed when a thunderstorm updrafts begin to rotate.
Large body of circulating air with low pressure at its center and higher pressure outside the system; brings clouds and precipitation.
Warm air mass is caught between two cold air masses.
Those formed over water.
Those formed over land.
In the continental United States, _________ are commonly moved by prevailing westerlies and jet streams.
Intense tropical storm with winds exceeding 119 km/hr formed over warm ocean water as a low-pressure area.