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Genetics: The Science of Heredity

Factors that determine traits.
Offspring of parents that have different forms of a trait.
The way an organism looks and behaves (tall or short).
An Austrian monk, discovered important facts about heredity using garden peas.
Every organism has two alleles of each gene and when gametes are produced the alleles separate.
The passing on of characteristics from parents to offspring.
Different forms of genes, such as genes for height can either produce genes for tall plants or genes for short plants.
Produce male and female sex cells called gametes.
Occurs when the male and female reproductive cells join forming a zygote.
Came up with the Punnett Squares to predict the proportions of possible genotypes in offspring.
The scientific study of heredity.
A type of cell division that produces four cells, each with half the number of chromosomes as the parent cell.
The cell contains only one of each kind of chromosomes versus a diploid cell found in body cells, which have two of each kind of chromosomes.
The allele combination of an organism (TT, tt, Tt).