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Ancient Greece

Ruler who took power illegally
Government ruled by a king or queen
Ruler of the gods
Two forms of Greek drama included tragedy and________
Crop grown in Greece because it didn't take up a lot of land
Landscape of Greece included many __________(hint: it's a physical feature)
People elect representatives to make laws
Peninsula forming southern part of Greece
Lowest class in Sparta
Formed by the city states for mutual protection
Number of years Peloponnesian War lasted
Disease that killed Pericles
Investigation of basic truths
Home to Greek Gods
The leader who divided citizens into four classes based on wealth and got rid of their debt
He organized citizens by where they lived and allowed citizens to vote.
Requirements for citizenship included the following: free, age of 18, both parents born in Athens and you had to be a ______
Citizens participate directly in their government
Government ruled by wealthy landowners
Citystate that enlisted boys into their army at the age of 7
Citystate that greatly valued education for its men
God of Underworld
Athenian strategy in Peloponnesian war was to avoid battle on ____________