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Intro to Animals (Ch 9)

Class: ___________ Date: ________
______ are endothermic vertebrates that have skin covered with fur or hair and a four chambered heart.
______ are invertebrates that have stinging cells and take in food into a central body cavity.
Ribs protect the heart and ______.
An _____ is an animal that controls the internal heat it produces and regulate its own temperature.
A/An ______ is a vertebrate this is ectotherm and spends its early life in water and its adult life on land.
A/An _____ is a group of similar cells that perform a specific function.
All mollusks have a thin layer of tissue called a _____ that covers their internal organs and have an organ called a foot.
All ____ have three characteristics: a notochord, a nerve chord and pouches in the throat area.
Structures and behaviors that allow animals to perform their functions are called _____.
A/An ______ is an ectothermic vertebrate that has a scaly skin and lungs and lays eggs on land.
____ are animals without a backbone.
Jellyfishes and _____ are examples of cnidarians.
_____ are asymmetrical invertebrates that do not have tissues or organs.
All chordates have a ______ cord that runs down the back and connects the brain to nerves in other parts of the body.
An animal has _____ symmetry if many imaginary lines can be drawn through its center to divide it into mirror images.
A ____ is a flexible rod that supports a chordate's back.
An animal that produces little internal body heat is called an _____.
_____ worms are the simplest animals with a brain.
Jawless fishes have skeletons made of ____, a tissue more flexible than bone.
An endoskeleton provides _____ with places to attach
An internal skeleton is called an ______.
_____ are invertebrates with soft, unsegmented bodies that are often protected by a hard shell.
An outer covering is called an ____ or outer skeleton.
One arthropod group, _______ includes animals such as crabs.
An animal has ______ symmetry if only one line of symmetry can be drawn to divide it into halves that are mirror images.
Echinoderms include _____, sea urchins, sea cucumbers and brittle stars.
Mammals that lay eggs are called _______.
In addition to the backbone, the skull and ____ are part of a vertebrate's endoskeleton.
____ are animals with a backbone.
A/An ____ is an endothermic vertebrate that lays eggs and has feathers and a four chambered heart.
____ or invertebrates that have hard outer coverings, segmented bodies ad pairs of jointed legs.
The backbone is made up of a stack of many small bones called ______.
_____ have flat, soft bodies and some have eye spots on their heads that detect light.
Keeping internal body conditions stable is called _____.
A/An ______ mammal develops inside its mother's body until its body system can function independently.
Marsupials are born at an early stage of development and usually continue to develop in a _______ on the mother's body.
A/An ______ is made up of different tissues.