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SSA Vocabulary N to T

A material that can be clearly seen through.
A substance being dissolved.
A material that cannot be clearly seen through but allows some light to pass through it.
An organism whose cells lack a nucleus.
A material that does not allow light to pass through.
The movement of water through rock or soil.
The variable being measured or observed.
The growth of new tissues or organs.
The measure of how hot or cold a substance is.
An explanation for some naturally occurring event.
The sum of all forces acting on an object.
The reproduction of an investigation (experiment) by another person.
A large cloudlike mass of gas and dust in space.
When a solution has reached the maximum amount of solute.
A species position in a community based on the area it inhabits and function.
Making multiple sets of measurements (multiple trials)
The center region of an atom, and the structure of a cell that contains DNA.
The force exerted per unit area.
The parental generation.
A substance that dissolves another.
The form of a trait that will be masked unless it is homozygous for the trait.
A measure of the acidity or alkalinity of a solution.
___observations are obtained by following a preplanned method of observation.
The ___variable is manipulated by the experimenter.