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Music Mania

A music dynamic symbolized by "ppp"
A dance in 3/4 time, originating in Spain
German musical term meaning "merry" or "cheerful"
A piece written for eight parts
Italian musical term meaning "full"
The last movement of a sonata or symphony, or the last section of an opera
High, usually refers to a particular voice part, higher than tenor, but lower than soprano
One that directs a group of performers
The raising and lowering of a pitch to create the correct tone
The lowest-sounding instrument of the woodwind family
The measured distance between two pitches
The measured distance between two pitches
An introductory movement to an opera
Italian musical term for "carried", an articulation longer than staccato, but shorter than legato
The music aspect that deals with the beat or time of a musical arrangement
The first beat of a musical measure
A large instrument ensemble composed of strings, woodwinds, brasses and percussion
The speed at which a song is played
A note that is neither sharp nor flat
Slow tempo
Time signature denoted by a C with a vertical line through it