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Class 10 - NCERT Science - Light-Reflection and Refraction

A material is said to be _____________ if it does not let light pass through it
Double concave lenses are called _______ lenses
The point where all the rays parallel to the principal axis appear to converge or diverge from after reflection from a spherical mirror is called the Principal __________.
An image that can be captured on a screen
The bending of light when it moves across two media
The ratio of height of image to height of the object is called __________
Lens Power is measured in_____
Light always travels in a _______ line
The center of the reflecting surface of a spherical mirror
The centre of the sphere of which a spherical mirror is a part of is called the centre of ______________
An image that cannot be captured on a screen
Convex mirrors as dome moirrors at 90 degree corners since they give _______, but diminished images
Power of a concave lens is _______
This material has the highest refractive index of 2.42
Bouncing of Light from shiny, smooth surfaces
Double convex lenses are called _______ lenses.
The reciprocal of focal length of a lens gives its _______
When the object is placed at focus of a concave mirror or convex lens, the image is formed at
A dentist uses a ________ mirror to examine his patient's teeth
Refraction occurs due to change in _______ of light across media.
The imaginary straight line passing through the Pole and Centre of Curvature of a spherical mirror
The diameter of the reflecting surface of a spherical mirror
Power of a convex lens is _______
A vehicle is fitted with ______ rear view mirrors to give the driver a wide view of vehicles behind him.
A transparent material bound by two surfaces, at least one of which is curved.