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DNA Structure, Function & Synthesis Vocabulary

set of three nitrogen bases that represents an amino acid; order of nitrogenous bases in mRNA determines the type and order of amino acids in a protein.
chart of metaphase chromosomes pairs arranged according to length and location of the centromere; used to pinpoint unusual chromosome numbers in cells.
complex biomolecules such as RNA and DNA, that store cellular information in cells in the form of code.
process in which chromosomal DNA is copied before mitosis or meiosis.
a nucleic acid; the master copy of an organism’s information code that contains the instructions used to used to form all od an organism’s enzymes and structural proteins.
subunits of nucleic acid formed from a simple sugar, a phosphate group, and a nitrogen base.
large, complex polymer essential to all life composed of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen and sometimes sulfur; provides structure for tissues and organs and helps carry out cell metabolism.
process of converting information in mRNA into a sequence of amino acids in a protein.
failure of homologous chromosomes to separate properly during meiosis; results in gametes with too many or too few chromosomes.
carbon ring structure found in DNA or RNA that contains one or more atoms of nitrogen; includes adenine, guanine, cytosine, thymine, and uracil.
process in the cell nucleus where enzymes make an RNA copy of a DNA strand.
any change or random error in a DNA sequence.
basic building blocks of protein molecules.