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The Magic Flute

5. In the aria "Zum Ziele führt dich diese Bahn" ("This path will lead you to your goal"), who is guiding Tamino?
6. In the aria "Ihr in den Weisheitstempel" ("You in the temple of wisdom") that opens the second act, Sarastro invokes two gods who preside over the action of the opera. Who are these?
2. The next aria "Die Vogelfänger bin ich ja" is sung by Papageno, who supplies much of the comic level of the opera. He is in service to the Queen of the Night. What does he bring to the Queen?
1. At the opening of the opera Prince Tamino enters in flight, singing his aria "Zu Hilfe! Zu Hilfe!" ("Help! Help!"). From what is he fleeing?
What gift does Prince Tamino receive?
4. In the Quintet that ends the first scene, the three ladies give presents to Tamino and Papageno. Tamino receives the magic flute of the opera's title, but what do the ladies give Papageno?
3. Tamino is given a locket with a portrait by the three ladies. In his aria "Dies Bildnis is bezuaubernd schön" ("This picture is incredibly beautiful"), who is he looking at?
What is the old woman's real name?