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Math Club

Biggest prime factor of 2019
The year of the last full moon
The fourth triangular number
The fifth triangular number
The sum of the first 5 positive cubes is the square of what number?
Some say it is the answer to Life the universe and everything? its binary code is 101010
How many inches in 6 feet?
The F in GCF
The closing price of a stock on Tuesday was double its closing price on Monday. its closing price on Wednesday was 3 times its closing price on Tuesday. Its closing price on Thursday was 10 times Its closing price on Wednesday. Its closing price on Thursday was 72,000. What was its closing price on Monday?
How many diagonals does a heptagon have?
S + S + S +....+ S (50 times)
Sum of the first four positive cubes
20E - 15E
Circumference divided by diameter
_______ puzzles (we do lots of them!)
The smallest prime times the smallest 2-digit prime
The square-root of negative 81
The decimal system is based on powers of this number
There was lots of this in our halloween treasure hunt
a gradually widening (or tightening) curve around a central point
A mammal and a game
If you ask a person who always lies if a truth teller is lying, he (or she) will probably say '_______'
Circumference divided by radius
Prefix meaning eight
A famous mathematician once said, "Math is like love -- a simple idea but it can get __________."
There are 6 possible outcomes for the role of a single regular six-sided ____
"Symmetry, Reality's Riddle " and "Math is Forever" are two ___________ talks maybe we can see together next year
Prefix meaning six
having sides unequal in length
A feminine version of 34 down
The interior ___________ in a quadrilateral will sum to 360
I am leaving at 6pm on a 300 mile journey. i will travel at approx. 60 mph without breaks, therefore my ______ is 11 pm
A perfect number because it is the sum of its factors (other than itself)
3 cards that are either the same or all different for each of 4 qualities
Doing ______together is kinda the point of our club
The steeper the mountain's slope, the faster you'll be _______ down it
How many times do you see "PI" in this puzzle grid?
Escher was an _______ who loved shapes that _____ (80 across)
Fill a 9x9 grid so that every row, column and 3×3 box contains the digits 1 to 9,with no repeats
13, 17, and 37 are all primes backwards and forwards. what is the name of this kind of prime?
A game and a command to leave
Slope = 74 down over _________
A cardioid is a ________-like shape
Aka a cube
Between O and 1 lie an infinite number of _________ numbers
"_ _ . / . . _ / _._ _" is a 3 letter word in Morse ____________
You can cover a surface with non-overlapping equilateral triangles, or squares, or hexagons, but pentagons will not ______________
Range of median, mean, and mode of {10, 10, 20, 40 , 120}
Where the mathematicians of 'Hidden Figures' worked
How do you write 3 in base 2?
A palindrome divisible by 99
You must pay attn to the _________ of ingredients if you want the recipe to turn out well
An even permutation (rearrangement) of 20104.
19 down divided by 2 times 57
Most of the people mentioned in this puzzle are ____________.
The 7th row of Pascal's triangle is: 1, 6, 15, ____, 15, 6, 1
F(X) = X + 2 is an example of a _____________.
A palindromic prime
Smallest one digit prime times the smallest 3-digit prime
__________ fly! (when you're really thinking hard)
who famously said, "Do not worry too much about your difficulty in mathematics, I can assure you that mine are still greater.”
A permutation of 47 across
How many distinct ways are there to arrange the letters of 'hahaha'
Next number in the sequence 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, ___
The secret word of 79 accross
The place value furthest to the right
It has 3 dimensions
This game combines 67 across and 32 across
What is the repeated shape in a 3-D version of a sierpinski triangle
1547 in Roman numerals
March 14 is ______ day
100 in base x is _______ than 100 in base y, if x is less than y
Irrational numbers have decimal exppansions that go on forever and contain ________ the digits 0 through 9
Make ________! (increase your velocity)
The main horizontal axis
He is famous for realizing that the number of vertices minus edges plus faces of a polyhedron is always two (hint: his name is pronounced 'oiler')
Who said, “The book of nature is written in the language of Mathematics”
____________ is more when it comes to minimizing things
An integer times itself is a _________
Abbreviation of Martin Gardener, the great puzzle writer who said " Evolution has developed the brain's ability to solve puzzles, and at the same time has produced in our brain a pleasure of solving problems."
If you make a complete guess on a Yes or __ question you have 50% chance of being right
You get ________ numbers when you take positive integers greater than one, to large positive powers
If I ___________ 360 degrees, i end up facing in the same direction
A Fibonacci spiral is famously found in a nautilus ___________
I'll only _______if the odds are in my favor
Prefix meaning twelve
Right-Handed abbreviation
52 down is famous for an endless supply of mathematical ___________s of wisdom
Half a laugh
Slope = _________ over 72 across
Odd times odd