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The Third Deathly Vocabulary

Welcome to the third Deathly Vocabulary. Answer each question and take the first letter of each word. Unscramble the words to create a 4 letter word. This will tell you what to click next. 
To win someone over or convince
To quote someone or something.
A person who appears in a story, book, play, movie, or television show.
A statement that cannot be proven because it is a person's belief, feeling or thought.
A general idea or understanding of something.
Something important or notable that happens within a story, novel or text.
To tell the facts or details.
A written conversation between two or more characters.
To break something down into its parts
To tell in your own words.
The message about life and lesson to be learned from the story.
The person who is telling the story.
Express a position on a problem and support it with evidence and explanation.
A statement of belief based on evidence, experience, and reason.
To put together
Where and when the story is happening.