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Science Vocabulary Puzzle

An organism that competes with humans for resources
To begin to grow
A tool that compares one thing to another by using measurement
A group of objects that work together
Substances that cannot be replaced ( there is a space between the 2 words)
When living things use oxygen
Studying the natural world using inquiry and experimentation
Organisms that make their own food
An underground layer of soil or stone that contains water
Something found in still water
The surroundings that influence living things
Water that seeps into the ground
When organisms that have chlorophyll use the sun's energy, water and carbon dioxide to make food.
A community of living organisms and their environment
Information that is known to be true
Something found in moving water
Land from which water runs off and drains into larger bodies of water
A representation of something that helps us understand it better
Organisms that eat or use something they did not make
A device used to help humans do work