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Art I Final Review 1 of 2

an element of art that is two-dimensional, and encloses a space.
A principle of design in which one element, or combination of elements, create more attention than anything else in a composition.
- to compare in order, to show unlikeness or difference.
a way to show 3-D objects on a 2-D surface, using one vanishing point.
Objects in the middle of the image.
Principle of design concerned with equalizing visual forces, or elements, in a work of art.
– the technique of giving the appearance of three- dimensional space on a two –dimensional space.
A condition in which the elements of an artwork appear to fit well together.
Object that are at the back of the picture
colors opposite each other on the color wheel
Lines that is parallel to the horizon or baseline
Combination of colors that are considered satisfying or that produce certain effect
A whole or totally as combining all of its parts into one
The space that a form or shape occupies in an artwork.
Using more than one material to create art.
Technique of shading with a series of fine parallel lines.
The empty space around and between forms or shapes in an artwork.
The representation of elements or combinations of elements in a recognizable repeated format.
an element of art that indicates area between, around, above, or with something.
Yellow orange red
primary plus secondary
is done when the artists look intently an edge of an object, but rarely looks at the paper while the pencil moves.
A continuance, a flow, or a feeling of movement achieved by the repetition of regulated visual information.
Red yellow blue
Lightness and darkness of a color.
Colors that are created when primary colors are mixed together.
What is the term used by the Japanese to express "light-dark" as an element of design?
the technique of shading through smooth, gradual application of dark value.
The shape and structure of something.
an element of art that is two-dimensional, and encloses a space.
an element of art that is a continuous mark made by a tool as it is drawn across a surface.