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Water & Weather Terms

The average weather in a particular area
The process of changing from a gas to a liquid.
Underground layers of rock, sand, or gravel that trap, store, and transport water.
A material in the air that harms living things and nonliving materials
A barrier built across a river to control the flow of water.
Used up.
To break apart.
A freshwater ecosystem that has flowing water, such s a river or stream.
The effect of Earth's spinning on the movement of air from the equator to the poles and back.
Living or growing in water.
To break apart or wear away
Wastewater that does not contain animal waste and can be used to water crops.
The direction a river or stream flows, away from its source.
Water found underground.
The bed of a river or stream that directs flowing water.
A group of ecosystems with similar temperature and rainfall, or salinity and water depth.
A system that collects and delivers solar energy.
A change in Earth's climate associated with global warming.
Pressure caused by the weight of the atmosphere.
Water with very low amounts of dissolved salts.
The deepest ocean zone.
The layer of air surrounding the earth.
Precipitation with high levels of acidity.
The process of water changing from liquid to vapor.
A marine ecosystem where freshwater and salt water meet.
An unusually long period of little rainfall.