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Name ________________________________
A manner of acting
The creation of offspring when genetic material from two parents is combined
A membrane bound structure inside eukaryotic cells that perform specialized functions
The plural of mitochondrion
The production of genetically identical offspring from a single parent
The proportional size of a magnified image compared to the original
eukaryotic, usually a single celled organism
an organism made of more than one cell
A part of a cell with a specific job that enables an organism to carry out life functions
A single celled organism that has no nucleus or organelles all of these are bacteria or archaea
A microscopic, single celled organism that lacks a nucleus and organelles. They have different cell walls and cell membranes then bacteria or eukaryotes
microscopic, single celled organisms that lack a nucleus and organelles
An organism made of one cell that carries out all the functions of living
A cell created during cell division that is an exact copy of their original
The vacuole that is an organelle found mostly in protest that collects extra water in a cell and expels it
codes for the characteristics of organisms passed on from one generation to the next (DNA or RNA)
Short hair like structures that propel organisms through their environment
all of the Interior of a cell outside the nucleus
A fluid-filled membrane in the cytoplasm of three different types of cells, (think contractile, food, central...)
A Class of animals with three body parts (head, thorax, and abdomen), six legs and antennae
A fold leading to the food vacuole in some single celled organisms
A single-celled fungal