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Sort 33 - Latin roots

Teacher: Jamie
When you break the rules or the law
The latin for 'to break'
It happens at irregular times - not continuously or steadily
It cannot bend
To produce and release something (like a sound, gas, light, radiation etc)
If it can bend without breaking.
When a hard object or material is cracked or broken.
To send in your work or document to be considered or judged.
'Flect' or 'Flex' is the Latin for... (2,4)
A device that throws out an image or sound.
A pause or break in a show
The path followed by a moving object (usually flying through the air)
To 'throw around' opinions and make decisions based on incomplete information
To send across (a large distance)
When you change the angle a ray of light is travelling
People who are being argumentative or quarrelsome.
To say (or 'throw in') your ideas or opinions into a conversation
To leave out someone or something, either accidentally or on purpose.
The Latin for 'to throw'
To make something change direction - an object or someones behaviour
A person sent as a representative on a special mission
A part or amount of something that is broken into smaller parts.
A task a person (or people) are given to achieve a certain goal.
"Mis' or 'Mit' is the latin for... (2,4)
To throw or force something (or someone) out in a violent or sudden way