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West Texas Chapter 17 Section 1 and 2

Teacher: Mrs. OKay
"Orator of the Plains"
Governor who pardoned Satanta and Big Tree
Commander of the 4th Cavalry
Comanche chief who tried to stop the spread of Anglo-American settlements
Most decisive battle of the Red River Campaign
President of the US during the Indian Wars
What three things did the Plains people depend?
Agent who instructed the Plains people in agriculture
Treaty signed in 1867.
General who favored the slaughter of the Buffalo
Soldiers in West Texas were too few in __ and __.
How many yards an Indian warrior could ride in 60 seconds
Who began the Buffalo hunt era?
US General sent to investigate raids in West Texas
Raid that changed military leaders opinions toward Indians
Who was in command of Indian affairs after Adobe Walls
Present day state which was Indian Territory
Group that was appointed to be Indian agents