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Mary Todd Lincoln

Created by Owen Lowe
Who was Abraham Lincoln to Mary Todd?
Maiden Name of President Lincoln's wife.
Mary Todd Lincoln was poor and lobbied Congress for this benefit, as the widow of Abraham Lincoln.
This President of the United States did not offer a visit or letter of sympathy to Mary Todd Lincoln.
City where Mary met Abraham Lincoln and where they are both burried.
Name of Mary's son that had her institutionalized.
Mary Todd did not attend the _______ of her sons or Abraham Lincoln.
First name of the youngest son of Abraham and Mary Lincoln.
Willie, son of Abraham and Mary died at the age of 11 from this type of fever.
Name of Mary Todd Lincoln's son who died at age 11.
What was Mary Todd Lincoln declared in a public trial?
After Mary Todd's death it became clear that she had overspent and was in this.