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Matter & Force

John Neely Bryan Elementary
5th Grade Science Super Stars!
bended light, like when observed through water
to allow energy to pass through
the complete path of an electric current
staying on top when placed in water
the force that attracts or repels other materials
matter that has an exact shape and an exact volume
matter that does not have an exact shape or volume
the amount of matter in an object
characteristics such as color, shape and density that describes how a material looks
becoming submerged when placed in water
the energy of moving electric charges
the solid, liquid, gas, or plasma form of matter
anything that has mass or takes up space
the ability of a substance to dissolve in another substance
energy that travels in waves and can be seen with our eyes
bounced light, like when striking a mirror
matter that has an exact volume but not an exact shape
a scale of temperature where water freezes at O and boils at 100
one part of a mixture
heat energy caused by moving molecules
a change in matter that is made by vibrating objects
to block the movement of energy
raising the temperature & lowering the temperature
sinking or floating when compared to water (greater density than water sinks and less density than water floats)
using force to press against or move towards
to become incorporated into a liquid so as to form a solution
a push or pull that causes an object to change direction, move or stop
a combination of 2 or more substances that can be separated