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Homophones, spelling lesson #26

Teacher: Mrs. Williams
If you look up, you can see the ______.
The swimmer won a _____ .
The ghost went _____ the wall.
Please walk _____ home and do not stop anywhere!
A ______ is a narrow body of water that connects 2 larger bodies of water.
I have only ______ hands.
Please, ______ the door.
______ fossils are on the window sill.
You should not _____ in other's problems that don't concern you.
A _______ of buffalo was in the field.
The pitcher ______ a knuckle ball.
He is ______ the envelope before putting it in the mail.
These are what you should wear to school.
This is ____ classroom.
Have you ever played the game, ______ and Ladders?
Please don't _____ that bunny rabbit!
There is way ____ much talking in here!
I _________ you calling my name.
Please go over ____ and sit down.
We have just one _____ until it's time to go home.