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Cell Structure and Function

Teacher: Mrs. Courtright
idea that all living things are made of cells
sac-like structures store materials such as water
ER with ribosomes attached to its surface
formed by microtubules during animal cell division
long thin fibers that function in movement and support
smallest unit of life
advanced cell type has a nucleus
powerhouse of cell
what new cells form from
hollow tubule that provide support for the cell
tails of phospholipids that don't like water
digest worn out organelles
material from nucleus to cell membrane
small region inside nucleus makes ribosomes
unraveled chromosomes in a non-dividing cell
outer boundary of the cell
structures in the cytoplasm
control center of cell
there are two types of these in any cell
primitive cell that has no nucleus
water-loving heads of phospholipids
modifies, collects, packages, and distributes molecules like protein
surrounds cell membrane in plant cell
made of microtubules and microfilaments
convert sunlight to chemical energy in plant cells
make protein, found free and on ER
area from nucleus to cell membrane