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Father's Of the Bible

Author: Peg Gifford
Father who came to Jesus to seek help for his daughter who lay near death
Who was the father of David?
Father of James the disciple
Father of Aaron and Moses
James says he is the source of every good and perfect gift (3 words)
Word used of God to mean father.
Father of Joseph and his brothers
Punishment under Mosaic law for someone who hits their father
Who stol her father's household gods?
Whose name means 'father of a great multitude'?
Elkanah was father to this prophet
Noah's 3 sons were Ham, Japheth and _____
Nationality of Timothy's father
Number of commandment 'Honor they father and thy mother'.
His father was prepared to sacrifice him on an altar.
Had 3 sons - Cain, Abel and Seth?