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Piano, piano

Teacher: Engle Zubalik
Language often used for musical terms
You pay for this to get in to many concerts
To clap, show appreciation for a performance
A place to borrow books and other materials (CDs, magazines, etc.)
Amplifies sound
Sincerely, with feeling ((3 words)
Working part of a machine
Something created by a person, can be a thing, a process, etc.
Before the piano
Musical performance
Many instrumentalists play under the guidance of a conductor
An aristocrat, his wife is a duchess
Vocal music
Famous German composer who went deaf
A person with a special talent
This strikes a piano string to make it 'sing'
A show (music, dance, play, etc.)
Writing of lasting quality (usually)
Pianist, organist, typist use one to create
Music performed on instruments (without human voices)
Memorised (2 words)
A time-keeping device for music students
A performer who plays by themselves (at least part of the time)
Music for musicians to read on paper (2 words)
The people who come to hear the performers
Essential habit to perfect your skill--more important than talent alone
Where the performers play for the audience
Action to make harpsichord sound