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Earth Science 19.15-27

Invented by two Frenchmen
Alexander the Great made a barrel of this
Spit with a sharp bend
Highest point of a wave
Waves are usually generated by ___
Number of years of Challenger's voyage
Usually the largest factor in the density of seawater
Waves usually approach the shore at an ___
Wave deposits that connect islands
British research ship
In the northern hemisphere currents generally rotate ____
Dove a long way down in 1960
Type of bottle used to collect water samples
Lowest point of a wave
Used to provide buoyancy for bathyscaph
These affect weather by moving cold and warm water
Mass of rock that wave erosion has isolated from shore
Distance from one crest to the next crest
Sand deposit extending from shore
Type of current that is below the surface
Type of current when waters of different densities meet
6 feet
Beaches are made from ____ material deposited by waves
One of the inventors of the bathysphere
Deepest diving submarine
First person to pump air to divers
One of the navy undersea laboratories
Disk used to measure clarity