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7th Grade Final Vocabulary Crossword Puzzle

Ability to reason, think, and judge
God's rule of peace, justice, and love
A sin that weakens our relationship with God
When Mary went to see Elizabeth
A mark of the Church; universal
Summary of Jesus' key teachings from Matthew
Eight teachings about true happiness
God-given ability to make choices
Sacrament that washes Original Sin
Followers of Jesus
Helps us to see God's plan
Life forever with God
Accepting Jesus' invitation to follow Him
Short story told by Jesus to illustrate a deeper truth
Organization of the Church into levels of leadership
All baptized believers
The ability to judge right and wrong
Spiritual principal of a person
A grave sin
A mark of the Church; Her teaching authority comes from the time of the Apostles
Jesus' 12 closest friends
Title for Jesus because he reconciles us with God
Official Church teaching