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Weather and Water Terms

Name ________________________________
Date ________________  HR _____________
the process by which water vapor changes into liquid water, usually on a surface
a warming trend on Earth that affects evaporation and precipitation
a boundary of ocean currents in the North Atlantic Ocean
harmful waste
the amount of salt concentration
a large-scale ocean current along the coastline
predictable wind produced by the combination of high- and low-pressure areas and the Coriolis effect
a local current that moves extremely fast
rain, snow, sleet, or hail that falls to the ground
heat transfer in a fluid in which hot fluid rises and cold fluid sinks, setting up a cycle
a wind from between 5 degrees and 25 degrees north or south latitude
a narrow band of high-altitude wind that affects weather conditions on Earth
transfer of energy from one place to another by contact
the continuous process by which water travels through plants and releases as water vapor
energy that is radiated or transmitted through space in the form of rays, waves, or particles
a large system of rotating ocean currents
the draining away of water from the surface of an area of land
a global water pattern affected by winds, differences in water density, and tides
what causes the winds near the equator in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres to curve west
a wind that blows from land to sea
the process by which liquid water changes into water vapor
the amount of mass in a material compared to its volume
the repeating sequence of condensation and evaporation of water on Earth, causing clouds and rain and other forms of precipitation
a wind that blows from sea to land