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The American Revolution

Americans and Britains met in France to end the American Revolution by signing this document.
The tax that allowed the British East India Co. to sell tea directly to the colonists.
The colony that did not attend the 1st Continental Congress.
The King of Great Britain during the Revolution.
Who said, "Give me liberty or give me death?"
The tax passed by Britain to take care of smuggling and lowered the tax on molasses.
The number of delegates that were at the Stamp Act Congress.
Which landmark originally housed the Liberty Bell?
German soldiers hired by the British during the Revolution.
The British general whose defeat ended the Revolution.
If a man refused to sign the Oath of Allegiance, he would have to pay double tax and a ___________.
What was used as propaganda against the British by Samuel Adams and other protesters?
The location of the beginning battle of the Revolution .
Gave the United States the Statue of Liberty.
The Constitutional Convention took place.
Wrote the book Common Sense.
The place the American army endured great hardship during the winter of 1777-1778.
Writer of the Declaration of Independence.
Who was chosen to be the general of the Continental Army?
True/ False. In June 1777, the Pennsylvania Assembly passed a law requiring the Oath of Allegiance to be taken by all white males above eighteen years.
A popular method of protesting British laws was to refuse to buy British goods .
The Mennonites fled to this place.
In response to the Tea Act, the Sons of Liberty organized this to protest British Laws.
These people that it was not okay to revolt against the British government.
What was the location of the last major battle of the Revolution>
The tax required colonists to pay for an official stamp on paper items.
True or false. The American Revolution started in 1775.