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Plant and Soil Science

how water is used in plants to carry nutrients
An insect used to naturally control aphids
Plants lacking nitrogen turn
is caused by a fast uptake of water
Planets cannot spread____ to humans
are the chemicals that control a target pest
Type of fungus that is a red brown color. old metal
The most difficult type of weed to control
Controlling weeds by use of hands or a till is what type of control
Two Distinct groups of plants monocots and
Plants intake_____ during photosynthesis
A pest that burrows in the ground and eats plants from the roots often pulling them under
moves water and minerals through
Opening in plant where they release oxygen and water vapor
Plant disease where there looks to be a light dusting of a white substance
Caterpillars feed on plants
_____ is the process by which an organism grows from a seed or similar structure
A controlled environment for growing plants that receives natural sunlight
Type of irrigation where water dribbles out of lines directly onto the soil
Plants lacking phosphorus turn