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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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Earth Science Final 1

Planet whose diameter is about 53% of earth's
First astronomer to use a telescope
A day here lasts about 59 earth days
An area where there are few prevailing winds
When burned it smells like rotten eggs
Scale used to measure mineral hardness
Force with which gravity pulls an object
The sun is a ____ sized star
On earth there are about 44,000 of these per day
These storms can be as much as 600 miles wide
CA river where gold was first found
Disorder in a system
The sun's surface is made of this
How many days it rained in Noah's Flood
Boundary between the outer and middle layers of earth
A day here lasts about 10 earth hours
Mass of an object divided by its volume
Crust and upper portion of the mantle
Sometimes used to make cutting tools
Amount of matter an object has
The Statue of Liberty has a skin of this
Brighter, outer portion of a sunspot
Belief that all truth comes from science
Most of the earth's core is __
About 71% of earth is covered with this
Third planet from the sun
Type of gold found in sand and gravel around stream beds