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Earth Science Final 2

Largest ocean
When this freezes, it expands about 9%
Study of the origin of mountains
Mounds of sand shifted by wind
British research ship
Person who studies fossils
Rocks from the cooling of molten rock
Portion of the ocean mostly surrounded by land
Secondary earthquake
This makes one type of coal different from another
Single continent of the continental drift theory
Vent where steam and gases escape
Series of mountains
Closest "active" volcano to Yuba City
"rested" field
Accumulation of rock at bottom of a cliff
Person who studies volcanoes
Longest river in the world
Study of rocks
One type of weathering
The closer the contour lines on a relief map are together, the ___ the terrain
Good soil
Scientist involved with continental drift theory
Emission of ___ is an early warning sign of volcanoes
The deeper you go into the earth, the ____ the temperature
Center of an earthquake's activity