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Ancient Rome: Module 10

Date: __________________
A channel used to carry water from mountains into cities; designed by Ancient Roman engineers.
Powerful nobles who run Rome.
A brilliant Carthage general who tried to attack the city of Rome.
Became the Queen of Egypt and ally of Caesar.
A period of "Roman Peace" which lasted until about AD 180.
A Roman consul who encouraged poor people to join the army.
The group that has the most members has the most power to make decisions in the government.
Got into a conflict with Marius which led to a civil war in Rome.
A style of writing that pokes fun at people or society; created in Ancient Rome
Prohibit actions
The decay of people's values.
The Roman's language
A public speaker
Roman soldiers organized into groups of 100 soldiers.
Romans believed their history could be traced back to this great Trojan hero.
A Greek surgeon who made many discoveries about the human heart.
Common people of Rome
A balance of power to keep any one part of a government from becoming stronger than the other.
Rome's public meeting place
Elected officials of Rome
According to legend, one of the twin brothers believed to be a fonder of Rome.
One of Rome's famous dictators; a farmer who quickly helped to defeat Rome's enemies.
The greatest general in Roman history; a great leader and excellent speaker.
Had been a friend and ally of Julius Caesar until he betrayed Caesar.
Council of wealthy and powerful Romans that advised the city's leaders.
Rulers with absolute power.
According to legend, one of the twin brothers believed to be a fonder of Rome.
A written code of laws inspired by the Roman law system.
The areas outside of Italy that were under Roman control.
A government in which people elect leaders.
The 2 most powerful magistrates.
A gifted Roman philosopher and orator.