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Biology/Life Science Glossary Terms

The simplest single cells that carry out all basic life activities.
An animal that eats other animals.
To work together.
Having a body temperature that changes with temperature of surroundings.
A protozoan that moves by pushing out parts of its cell.
The brain and spinal cord.
Learning in which an animals connects one stimulus with another stimulus.
To group things based on the features they share.
The part of the brain that controls automatic activities and connects the brain and the spinal cord.
A unit used to measure the amount of energy a food contains.
The basic unit of life.
A way of communicating.
Molecules that make up proteins.
A rod-shaped structure that contains DNA and is found in the nucleus of a cell.
A material in the body that fights a specific pathogen; a protein in plasma that fights disease.
Flowing in a circle.
A group of different populations that live in the same area.
The study of living things.
The basic unit of matter.
The part of earth where living things can exist.
The way an organism acts.
A sugar or starch, which living things use for energy.
Protists that make their own food and usually live in water.
An organism that carries a gene but does not show the effects of the gene.
A gel-like substance containing chemicals needed by the cell.
An organism that feeds on other organisms.
A blood vessel that carries blood away from the heart.
An ecosystem found over a large geographic area.