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John Calvin

John was seeking to try and _____ the Roman Catholic Church.
In _______ the teaching of Martin Luther were being advocated.
Once John returned to Paris he pursued the life of a _____.
John returned to his ______
What did John's father no longer want his son to be?
After Johns father died, he was able to choose his own ______.
Where did his father send John when he was 14?
John resigned all the ecclesiastical ______.
What did John study in Paris?
When John was invited to Geneva, he spent the rest of his life _________ the form of Church government.
Who was known for being severe nature.
What degree in Theology did John earn at 19 years old?
Who was known for her beauty and religious piety?
John had to ____ the city because of his association with Cop.
John spent time _____ round other parts of France, Italy, and Switzerland.
John became very _____ to the new teachings.
Humanism is in _____ with the old scholastic teachings of the Roman Catholic church.
Cop was accused of _____ by the authorities.
In three years John earned his ______ in law.
What teachings did John come in contact while at the University of Paris?
What did John's father want John to study next.
Mother did this when John was a young boy.
Where was John born?