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Economics Chapter 8

Teacher: Marlatt
The investor's share of a company's profit
A possible explanation
The knowledge or skill to do something
An investor who backs an entrepreneur in return for part of the profits
A business that one person owns
A unit of stock in a company
A business that two or more people own
A business that can be made up of many owners, but the law allows it to act like a single person
A legal agreement between two or more people
The nation one belongs to or comes from
The ability of a corporation to go on, even if there is a change in ownership, management, or labor
One who spends money to buy stock in the hope of gaining money back
When investors can only lose as much money as they have invested
A sign of ownership in a corporation
When the owner of the business is responsible for paying all of the money the business owes
A type of loan that an investor buys from a company or from the government; the company or government promises to pay the investor back their money plus a profit at a later date
The limit of the amount of money to grow the business
A model that shows the process of exchange among consumers (also called households), businesses, and government
Someone owning shares (or stock) of a company
An official document issued by state governments that gives the right to create a corporation