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environmental Conditions for Growth

A moist, chilling treatment used to break dormancy in seeds of certain plant species.
A plant with a two-year life cycle, with flowering occurring in the second year followed by plant death.
Keeping plants from light to prevent photosynthesis and to cause white tissue growth.
Exposure of plants to low temperatures in order to stimulate flowering.
The duration of day length and the relationship between the dark and lighted periods.
A light particle and a measure of light quantity.
Death of plant tissue, usually resulting in dark brown or black coloration.
A small area with different environmental conditions than the surrounding area.
A plant growth response in absence of light.
A characteristic of seeds that have a germination response to the presence or absence of light.
The physical movement of a plant or its parts toward or away from a light source.
The relationship between day and night temperatures and plant growth.
The practice of applying water to land or soil to assist in growing plants.
A type of thermoplastic polymer that can be used as a greenhouse covering.
A type of plastic that can be used as a greenhouse covering.
A condition in which plants are damaged due to heat, cold, humidity, or intense sunlight.
The unit of measurement used to quantify light wavelengths.
A condition in which buds and seeds are inhibited from growing until a certain environmental requirement is met.