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Puzzle #3 by Adam Wagner

Spanglish greeting
Lied about lying, perhaps
Stomach ⏎
Sign of things to come
2001: ______ Odyssey
Scan again, as an X-ray ⏎
_____ Counter: radiation detector
Person on a pedestal, perhaps ⏎
Like Amal and George Clooney
Fifth wheel? ⏎
Stop working
How a paddle might be raised at an auction
Studio stand
What a cat has, proverbially ⏎
Spanish for "You see"
Hike's conclusion ⏎
Deliver a letter
"Norwegian Wood" instrument
Go into more detail ⏎
Deliver a speech
Chocolate substitute
Serialized drama genre ⏎
Musical phase jumpstarted by MTV
"Shark Tank" catchphrase
Level (with)
Bridal belongings ⏎
Herb counterpart
Dangerous place at which to be held ⏎
A QB might get one on their stat sheet after a poorly thrown ball
A team might get one on their record after a poorly played game
Quaint farewell ⏎
2016 Olympics locale, for short
What a non-actress celebrity might play in a movie ⏎
Creature written about by both Tolkien and Rowling
Dashboard Confessional genre
"There's no more mercy in him than there is milk in _____ tiger.": Shakespeare
For real, for short
Singular pajama
Totally lost
Turns down, or a hint to this puzzle's unique design feature?
Africa's largest city
Maverick and Goose's rival
Large piece of information
Some black market transactions
Alarm sound
___ 180: turned around
U.S. representative Ilhan
Type of car one might see in San Fransisco
Those, in San José
Email subject line: abbr
American singer-songwriter Hutchinson
River in China after which a dynasty was named
River in Romania, not to be confused with a famous Napoleonic isle
Common Cognac-ronym
Home wifi startup
Awaken from, as a trance
What doctors vow not to do
Where a plastic Battleship might be located
Word before system or canal
Words that might be snarkily written on a dirty chalkboard
Jo _____: African city nickname
Gravensteins, et al
Word of respect
Go for
Let out, as pants
Latin for "I hope"
Old wooden pails
Irish endonym
Tech entrepreneur Dash
Arthur : Sherlock :: _____ : Perry
BET award-winning actress/comedian Whitley