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Geography & Map Skills

A narrow strip of land that protects the mainland shore from ocean waves
Exact global address of a place
Regards to an area in the city
Document or object created by people who were not present at the time of the event
A large area of flat, or nearly flat, land
Order of events in corresponding to other events (before or after)
A flat-topped hill, smaller than a mesa
A layer of rock or gravel that absorbs rainfall and keeps it flowing underground
A steep slope or cliff
A small, high plateau
Small river or stream that flows into a large river or stream; branch of a river
General weather pattern of a place over time
Span of years that is named for a particular trend of events
The position of an area in regards to other places or features
Order of events by a specific date
A preference that prevents fair judgment
Document or object written or created during the time of an event
Regards to an area in the countryside
A crack in Earth's surface caused by moving plates
An area of flat land at a higher elevation
The surroundings in which people, plants, or animals live
Time span lasting 100 years
Time span lasting ten years
A sunken area in a plateau found between mountain ranges