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Geography Regions Vocabulary

Air contains a higher amount of water vapor and is hot and sticky feeling
Large-scale farming including production, processing, and distribution
Connecting the existing area within a state
Becoming a city over time
An economic period in which high demands leads to high output which results in falling prices and hard times
Public land that could be used by anyone, usually for grazing cattle
Place where livestock are penned before they are shipped off elsewhere
A ranch hand who takes care of saddle horses on a cattle drive
An independent oil driller
Area that is lacking enough water for things to grow
A period of lower than normal precipitation
Rich dirt that has been deposited from flowing river water
A network of highways that connect major cities across the U.S.
Any substance made from petroleum or natural gas
Factory in Mexico that assembles parts made in the U.S. into products for exports
Building equipped to process products such as oil, metals, or sugar
A framework or tower that supports a drill over a deep hole