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Renaissance Review

Teacher: Mrs. Muzzy
Author of the Canterbury Tales.
"Third Rome"
Hapsburg king who ruled Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, and Germany.
Made Russia a unified nation.
German printer who developed movable type.
Sent the Armada to attack England in 1588.
First czar of all Russia.
Rich bankers and art patrons who ruled in Florence, Italy.
Famous painting by Leonardo da Vinci.
The ruler of China during Marco Polo's time.
Person who supports an artist.
Allowed sailors to sail out of sight of land.
17-foot statue by Michelangelo in Florence, Italy.
The Middle Ages ended with the Fall of ________.
Famous sculptor who designed Lorenzo de Medici's tomb.
Technique using light and deep shade in painting.
A small sovereign state consisting of a city and its surrounding territory.
Spanish for "battle fleet."