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The Atmosphere (Ch 11)

Name:____________________ Date:___________
Earth's ______ is the envelope of gases that surround the planet.
_______ is the condition of Earth's atmosphere at particular time and place.
The transfer of heat by movement of a fluid is called _______.
The direct transfer of energy by electromagnetic waves is called _______.
Gases in the air that are present in very small amounts are called _____ gasses.
The ______ layer protects living things from ultraviolet radiation from the sun.
Energy from the sun travels to the Earth as ______ waves.
Air pressure ______ as altitude increases.
The troposphere is thickest at the _______.
The most abundant gas in the atmosphere.
The force pushing on an area or surface is called ______.
A/An _____ barometer has an airtight metal chamber sensitive to changes in air pressure.
______ are a calm area where warm air rises. They occur at the equator.
The ______ is the middle layer of the atmosphere and protects Earth's surface from being hit by most meteoroids.
Most weather reports for the public use ______ of mercury.
The outer most layer of the Earth's atmosphere is the _______.
The ______ is the second layer of the atmosphere and contains the ozone layer.
You live in the inner or lowest layer of Earth's atmosphere called the ______.
_____ winds blow from the horse latitudes toward the equator.
National Weather Service maps indicate pressure in ________.
The upward movement of warm air and the downward movement of cool air form convection ______.
______ is the movement of air parallel to Earth's surface.
The amount of mass in a given volume of air is its _______.
______ radiation is not visible by humans, but can be felt as heat.
Wind speed can be measured with a/an _______.
The transfer of heat between two substances in direct contact is called ______.
Air contains water _____ - water in the form of a gas.
A _______ is an instrument that is used to measure air pressure.
Gases in the air hold heat in Earth's atmosphere in a process called the ______ effect.
Most differences in air pressure are caused by the unequal _____ of the atmosphere.
________, or elevation is the distance above sea level.
A/An _______ barometer consists of a long glass tube that is closed at one end and open at the other. Increase in pressure forces the column of ____ higher in the tube (same word in both blanks).
At a high altitude, each cubic meter of air you breath has fewer ______ molecules that at sea level.
The way the Earth's rotation makes wind curve is called the _____ effect.
______ latitudes are two calm areas of sinking air.
Winds move from an area of ____ pressure to areas of lower pressure.