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Weather Key Term Review

light, feathery clouds
unit of measurement for air pressure
changing of a liquid to a gas
water that falls to Earth from the atmosphere
large volume of air that has the same temperature and amount of moisture throughout
air mass that forms over warm regions
big, puffy clouds
amount of water vapor in the air compared with the amount of water vapor the air can hold at capacity
process by which plants give off water vapor into the air
instrument used to find relative humidity
tropical storm with very strong winds
line on a weather map that joins places that have the same temperature
temperature to which air must be cooled to reach saturation
air mass that forms over cold regions
actual amount of water in the air
clouds that form layers across the sky
changing of a gas to a liquid
ice formed from condensation below the freezing point of water
Filled to capacity
device used to measure precipitation
amount of material something can hold
line on a weather map that connects points of equal air pressure