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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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Author: k t s
What country sunk the first US ship during WWI?
What country was King George ruler of?
What lived in the trenches and spread disease throughout the soldiers working there?
What often happened to limbs infected with trench foot?
Who did the European Powers blame for the war?
What is secrete agreement between two nations called?
What is it the belief that your country is better than all others called?
What country was Tsar ruler of?
What was the name of the first ship sunk during WWI?
What is it called when two country make an agreement to defend each other?
What was it called when a decision is make to remain indifferent to ether side fighting?
On the first dig, how many bodies were found?
What country was first to declare war, when WWI started?
What country was William ruler of?
What did the European Powers want on Germany after the war ended?
What did Rasputin die from?
Who did Anna Anderson pretend to be?
What disease did soldiers working in the trenches often get
What is it called when a nation builds up its military?
What is a mass killing of a specific race, gender, religion, or ethnicity called?
Who was the first to make any act to stop the war?
What did Germany use to get around the blockade built so they could no longer trade with the US?
What month in 1918 did WWI end?
What country sent a telegram to Mexico that had been intercepted?
What country made a blockade so that Germany and the US could not trade?
On July 17, 1918, what type of family was killed?
What did Woodrow wilson want for the whole world?
What was the name of the prince who wanted to kill Rasputin?
Who did the Russian citizens not like in the royal family?
How many months did the Russian royal family hid before being killed?