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Weather Words

The sound you hear when lightning rapidly heats air hotter than the surface of the sun
Lowest layer of Earth's atmosphere - most of Earth's air is found here and weather happens here
Most common natural disaster on Earth (hint: lots of water)
Instrument used to measure air pressure
The average weather pattern in a region over long periods of time
Someone who studies weather patterns
Chunks of ice that fall from clouds
A winter storm with high-speed winds and lots of snow
This dark thundercloud brings strong winds, rain, lightning, and thunder
A natural event that occurs when two tectonic plates collide causing the ground to shake
Center of a hurricane
Clouds on the ground
A natural event that may happen when warm, moist air meets cool, dry air (hint: also called a cyclone or twister)
Instrument used to measure temperature
Long period of time without rain
The amount of water vapor in the air
In Australia, this storm is called a willy-willy. In the South Pacific, it's a typhoon. In the U.S., we call it a ______.
Water that falls from the sky in any form
A deadly ocean wave caused by natural events such as an earthquake or volcano